NASA Airborne Science Program: Aircraft Tracker

Follow the flight paths for NASA’s Operation IceBridge using this tracker. 


IceBridge Mission notes. Read here:


University of Kansas and Indiana University team up for NASA Operation IceBridge | Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

CReSIS researchers from the University of Kansas and Indiana University worked together to survey ice sheets and glaciers in Greenland, as part of NASA’s Operation IceBridge.


Meet the new staff:

Vicky Diaz-Camacho, Student Journalist

Vicky Diaz-Camacho is one of two journalists for CReSIS. Camacho distributes information on missions and advancements in research via social media. Camacho also writes articles for the Icebreaker, the CReSIS newsletter. She studies journalism at KU, with a focus in news and information, and enjoys writing on the arts, social ethics and health. She loves dabbling with photography, singing, and crafting. Coffee is best to drink black, pure and simple. Comedians from the early cinema days are her favorite, such as Charlie Chaplin. Her favorite foods are Thai and Italian. Desserts are food to her too, especially strawberry and custard tarts. Camacho is less than five feet tall, and both of her parents were horse jockeys.

Ian Sheppard, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ian Sheppard joined CReSIS as the machine shop assistant. He works with Aaron Paden and is studying Aerospace Engineering at KU. Outside of class, he enjoys playing music, hiking, and playing PC games. He drinks his coffee with a bit of cream. His favorite comedian is Eddie Izzard, and he loves Italian food. In the future, Sheppard wants to pioneer asteroid mining.

Baker L. Purdon, Office Assistant

Baker Purdon is an Office Assistant for CReSIS with a BFA in Theater and Voice Performance. He is pursuing an MFA in Music Directing for Musical Theatre and/or Musical Theatre Voice Pedagogy. Purdon is a fan of Netflix, saying “Netflix and I have a relationship that will never be matched.” He especially enjoys classic TV shows including “I Love Lucy” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Purdon takes his coffee with flavored cream and sugar, and drinks mostly lattes and “froo froo drinks.” His favorite comedians are Louis C.K., Robin Williams and Richard Pryor. Purdon eats Mac n’ Cheese in all forms.

Katelyn Kennedy, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Katelyn Kennedy, a Student Research Assistant new to CReSIS, is a senior majoring in geography with an emphasis in GIS. Kennedy works with the MATLAB data picker and is currently reviewing old data sets and correcting them. She enjoy the outdoors and traveling, and prefers tea and hot cocoa to coffee. Kennedy enjoys Blue Collar Comedy and prefers to munch on Mexican food.

Bailey Wells, Graphic Designer

Bailey Wells is CReSIS’ Graphic Designer. Wells is a senior at KU, studying Graphic Design with a minor in Art History. Outside of class, Wells is an avid KU Basketball fan and enjoys attending games in Allen Fieldhouse and hanging out on Mass Street with friends. She drinks her coffee sweet, but “can drink it any way if the need is big enough.” Wells’ favorite comedian is Jim Gaffigan, and her favorite food is Chinese. Wells has also been to 42 states.

Elise Reuter, Student Journalist

Elise Reuter is one of two student journalists at CReSIS, working to distribute information on recent missions through social media accounts and stories from the field. Her favorite parts about the job is having the opportunity to speak with researchers about their work and learning something new every day.  Reuter is a junior at KU studying Journalism and French. Outside of school, she likes to dance and visit Lawrence’s many art galleries. Reuter enjoys hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities. She takes her coffee black, dark roast, and strong. Her favorite comedians are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler—“the perfect duo.” While she enjoys all food, Reuter’s favorite dish is curry. Reuter is a huge Doctor Who fan, and also took up boxing this semester.


IEEE Magazine releases publication by KU researchers at CReSIS | Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

Following test flights and months of research, the report “UAS-Based Radar Sounding of the Polar Ice Sheets” made its debut via the IEEE Magazine this March. To read the full paper, follow the link.